Which Model do you have?

1. Turn your iPad over.

2. On the back, near the bottom the model number will be printed in tiny letters. Note: You may need a magnifine glass.

3. Reference the model numbers in the tablet below to determine your iPad's version.

Product Model Number

iPad Air 2

iPad Air

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini with Retina Display

iPad Mini

iPad 4

iPad 3

iPad 2

A1566 or A1567

A1474, A1475 or A1476

A1599 or A1600

A1489, A1490 or A1491

A1432, A1454 or A1455

A1458, A1459, or A1460 

A1416, A1430, or A1403 

A1395, A1396, or A1397 

This should help you find your device. If by anychance your are still not sure please feel free to send an email to info@everythingtablet.co.uk