Get Stylish and Functional designer iPad Cases from Everything Tablet

designer iPad cases from Everything Tablet


It is perfectly understandable that many people do not prefer to add bulky protective iPad casing as it makes the iPad too heavy and some of the cases are not even stylish at the same time however, leaving your iPad completely bare is also a pretty bad idea especially when any sharp object present in our household and office environment can easily pierce through tablet’s screen and damage the edges of computer tablet.


So, if you’re on a quest to find perfect designer iPad cases which will not only protect your iPad but also looks stylish at the same time then your search has to come to an end as we bring to you one of the most stylish designer iPad cases which is made by using certified premium quality materials and it will instantly make your new generation computer tablet from Apple standout from rest of the herd. These luxurious iPad covers are available in wide range of vibrant colors which will add nice splash of colors to your life.


Moreover, if you’re looking for a professional cover for work environment then London Grey case is just the thing you need to make a strong impact. If you’re looking for something more eye-catching and stunning in that case Saucy Red iPad cover is just right for you. From stylish black to funky pink, you will find all our cases to be one of a kind and graceful. Plus, our designer iPad cases are not heavy or too bulky and it weighs around 200grams only which does not puts too much weight and makes your computer tablet extremely portable.


However, lightweight does not mean that it does not offer serious protection and it can easily defend your expensive tech against all type of sharp objects and impact. The Italian calf leather skin used in crafting this iPad case makes it very strong, resilient, and, durable. Plus, it has a very high hardness level which ensures that your iPad is not damaged in any way. In terms of craftsmanship, these designer iPad cases are built by using hands with precise cutouts which gives you complete freedom to use your computer tablet in any way you like it.


In addition to, there are plenty of practical features such as portrait and landscape view which allows you to keep your tablet in horizontal or vertical position on type of surface, and you don’t have to find a perfect spot in order to use your computer tablet. Besides, the beautifully crafted case also comes with magnetic function which automatically puts the iPad on sleep mode when the tablet cover is closed and wakes up the device when the cover is opened. This particular feature is very handy in extending the battery time.


In a nutshell, all the designer iPad cases from Everything Tablet suits all tastes, needs, and budgets. You can buy these stylish cases for your iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 starting from just $19.99 only.

The Essential iPad Accessories to get the most out of your next generation computer tablet

The sixth generation computer tablet is one of the most awesome devices of 21st century that allows you to perform various complicated tasks within just few seconds. From managing inventory to making video calls to writing emails, you can perform these tasks quickly with the help of your iPad Air or iPad mini 2/3. However, you can also add various other iPad accessories to make your device even more effective and efficient.


The Apple Pencil  

If you’re a graphic designer or architecture in that case you would know the importance of stylus pen from Apple. This unique pen perfectly handles pressure sensitivity and gives the user complete freedom to work on complicated projects without any hassle. You can exactly draw the model or layout without any error or mistake. Plus, the angle detection and battery life makes this stylus pen even better when you’re working on a big project.


Protective iPad Cases

Protective iPad Air 2 case and iPad mini 2 & 3 case from Everything Tablet is one of the most important iPad accessories that you should have in your collection. There are two different ranges of screen protector available at ET. The rotating 360 degree case utilizes PU leather while flip case utilizes genuine Italian calf leather skin. Both of the cases are handcrafted with precise cutouts and openings which give you complete control over all the features and functions. Besides, these are separate compartment included inside each leather case which can be used to hold important notes, documents and credit cards.


Heavy Duty Battery Backup

iPad Air 2 has a very high battery consumption rate and it can quickly run out of juice especially when you’re using heavy programs such as Adobe PhotoShop or illustrator so a backup battery is essential iPad accessories if you want to get through the day without any problem. The portable battery bank from Everything Tablet comes with 20,000mAH battery capacity which is more than enough to charge your iPad Pro from zero to hundred percent within no time. Besides, heavy duty battery bank comes with dual charging port which can simultaneously charge your smart phone and tablet. The battery bank from ET is neither too big nor too small and it can perfectly fit into your travel without taking up too much of storage space.


Leather Carrying Bag

If you’re a frequent traveler in that case you should buy a leather carrying bag which will help you in keeping your iPad, battery bank, charger, headphones, stylus pen, and other iPad accessories in one place so every time you need any accessory, you can quickly get access to all the essentials without any hassle or fuss. Moreover, the carrying bag is a great way to travel without adding too much of bulk or weight.


In short, these are the few essentials that every iPad owner should own in their collection if they want to get through the day with ease.

All the things that you need to know about leather cases from ET

For centuries, leather has been used by men and women for protecting delicate objects from harsh environment as leather has hard-wearing properties and it ages gracefully time. Moreover, if you’re on a quest to buy best leather cases for iPad at an affordable price then your search has finally come to an end as we bring to you top-notch leather cases which are made from Italian calf leather skin and PU leather.

The 360 degree case series for iPad Air 2 comes with PU leather which is crafted by using good quality leather available in the market today. The process involves using the latest technology to split the leather skin into 4 or more layers then these layers are coated with polyurethane which gives it more strength to withstand scratches, grazes and impact.

At Everything Tablet, you will find a wide range of PU leather cases which is available in different vibrant color to match your lifestyle. The laminated leather is then hand stitched with precise cutout and openings so that you can have complete access to all the features and functions. Plus, on the interior of the cover Alcantara material is used which makes sure that dust particles do not stick on the electronic glass surface.



In addition to, PU leather cases for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2/3 from Everything Tablet is designed in such a way that it will provide you long lasting protection and once you have placed your iPad in ET’s cover, you will never have to take out your device even when you have to recharge your precious tech.


On the other hand, the flip iPad series from Everything Tablet is made by using high Grade “A” Italian Calf skin which is the premium quality leather. The best thing about flip cases is that it has a long time span and it provides maximum protection against all sorts of scratches, grazes and abrasions. Plus, it also has a very appealing aroma.



One of the best features about full grain leather is that it utilizes the entire hide and the leather is not split into different layers unlike PU leather so it retains all most it protective properties. Plus, Italian leather looks very elegant and sophisticated. Even though premium quality leather is very expensive but at Everything Tablet, we have perfectly combined style, comfort, luxury and affordability to craft one of a kind case that will cater you all your needs related to iPad protection.


Lastly, you can purchase these extremely stylish and elegant Flip Leather cases for iPad Air 2 for just £39.99 only.   

Add Fresh Style to Your Look with Premium iPad Leather Cases


When it comes to down to executing complicated tasks within few seconds, you can always rely on your new generation computer tablets to get the job done on time. These lightening quick portable tablets can perform multiple processes simultaneously but they can be easily damaged if proper care is not taken and you can end up with a shinny big piece of metal. The best way to go about it by using iPad Leather Cases which will instantly provide necessary protection and it will also make your device look more stylish and customized all at once.


Moreover, you can experience true handmade luxury with our one-of-a-kind, exquisite iPad leather cases which are designed by using highest quality Italian calf leather skin and it defends your precious tech from all sorts of physical harm. Plus, precise cutouts and openings present on the cover gives you complete access to all the features and functions so that you don’t have to ever take out your tablet from the protective cover in order to use a certain feature or function.


Furthermore, the handmade luxury cases also offer an enhanced grip so that your device does not slip through hands. Plus, the cover is crafted in such a way that it makes it easier for you to hold your next generation computer tablet without any predicament. Our iPad leather cases also have a specially designed compartment which can be used to keep your credit cards, debit cards, business cards, notes and other similar things which you might need when you’re going on a business meeting or going to college to take your classes.


From bright colours to simple plain colours, you can choose from wide variety of iPad leather cases which will certainly add a nice touch to your life style. Compared to installing traditional screen protector, leather cases protect both sides of computer tablet from all sorts of sharp objects and hard impact and it safely secures your device so you don’t have to worry about getting your device damaged. Magnetic materials are also used in crafting the computer tablet cover which automatically puts your iPad on the sleep mode when the cover is closed by you. On the other hand, when the case is opened it wakes up the device and you can simply continue from where you have left off. This function also aids you in enhancing the battery life as it stops unwanted energy wastage.


One of the amazing aspects about Everything Tablet iPad leather cases are that it prevent unexpected turns and you can comfortably write emails and use your favorite application without any discomfort. The iPad cover provides you perfect screen to face ratio so that you don’t have any trouble when you’re talking to your loved ones or watching your favorite movies. Since every iPad cover from Everything Tablet is hand stitched to perfection by our highly skilled craftsmen, you will always get a right fit which will neither be too big nor too small around the edges. Plus, it is extremely lightweight.


Get the Best Power Bank for Pokemon GO

If you’re already playing latest Pokemon GO series gaming application on your Smartphone then you would definitely know, it drains an incredible amount of energy so if you’re looking to catch all those one hundred and fifty one pokemon in that case it requires a backup battery or a powerful power bank that could provide you interpreted power supply while you’re on the go.


The ultra-lightweight portable power bank from Everything Tablet is a perfect way to get unlimited juice when you’re cruising through the streets in your city in order to catch a Pikachu.  Whatever type of phone  you have got, Everything Tablet’s power bank will quickly recharge your mobile device from zero to hundred percent within no time.


In terms of specification, Everything Tablet comes with 20,000mAH battery capacity which is more than enough to charge your phone multiple times in a day and you will never even think about using spare battery to stay connected. Besides, the best part of ET’s power bank is that it will help you in catching double or thrice pokemon in a single day.


The sophisticated slim design makes the battery charger very functional and convenient to carry around the external charger in your bag pack without taking too much of storage space. Plus, it weighs approximately 372grams only which does not make it too bulky or heavy. The product development team at Everything Tablet has done a wonderful job in combining sleek design and energy capacity in order to craft one small powerful package.


Apart from providing unlimited juice for playing Pokemon Go, the external portable power bank also makes sure that your motherboard does not get fried due to over-charge as high quality circuit are used which prevents your precious device from getting damaged. Additionally, electrolyte leakage is also very minimal as finest quality next generation polymer battery is used in building this unbelievable power bank.


 Another unique aspect about portable power bank charger from ET is that it comes with dual charging ports which can not only charge your iPhone, and Samsung phones but it also quickly refills your iPad and other type of computer tablets within a short period of time. The second slot present on the power bank provides up to 2.1ampere of current which is ideal for charging tablets.


Compared to power banks offered by other brands, ET’s charging solution is extremely affordable, feasible and economical. You can purchase ET’s power bank for just 79.99pounds which also comes with a carrying case and it is available in wide range of vibrant colors such as aqua blue, satin gold and other bright colors which will add a nice splash of color to your life.  


In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a continuous power supply in order to play Pokemon GO then ET’s power bank is perfect for catching all those Pokemon without any problem.

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