Our Bluetooth Selfie Sticks are the perfect smartphone companion available in Black and Pink.

Take Amazing Selfies whatever the occasion!
Selfie Revolution

Always wanted to take the perfect selfie? Never quite been able to fit everyone in your picture? Well, make these problems a thing of the past. Join the Selfie Stick revolution today and take your selfies to a new level

Take Amazing Selfies whatever the occasion!
Take a Selfie Wherever

With our lightweight, easily portable and retractable selfie stick that extends to 1.18m, worrying about not being able to take the best selfie you can will be a problem you won't have to face anymore!

Take Amazing Selfies whatever the occasion!
iPhone & Android

Our revolutionary Selfie Stick not only fits all IOS and Android Smartphones including iPhones and Samsung's but it also has an integrated bluetooth shutter button.

How it Works

Using our selfie stick couldn't more straight forward all you need to do is follow these four easy steps & start taking amazing selfies in no time!

How to Selfie 1

Adjust the Phone mount to the correct size to fit your mobile phone.

How to Selfie 2

Insert your Phone onto the mount & position into your required angle.

How to Selfie 3

Pair your phone via bluetooth & locate the shoot button on the stick.

How to Selfie 4

Extend the stick, strike a selfie pose with your friends & shoot!